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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Second day of holiday.. i woke up at 10.45 haha.. den yifeng called me at 10.50... den i told him i just woke up lol... den i prepared my things.. and wore the yellow shirt lol.... den i went to tao nan to meet him... in the end he was still medling with his bike.. so i decided to go to his block cauz he took such a long time lol~.... den we went to ECP... den walk walk walk.. den we went to mac.. yifeng den bought onion fries.. which taste excatly like wedges.. den i call alex.. den alex from the beach went to the mac haha... den he looked tired.. in the end.. he actually came to the beach at 10.30 lol.. he got the timing mixed up haha... den we went to rent skates.. and i had no idea how to skate at all lol.. so i wore those really tight skates ... ouchie.. and yifeng didnt rent anything.. lol.... haha den i wore the skates.. and i stood up.. and almost fell haha.. so lame.. den i was like holding alex hand.. den i started blading.. slow and not steady haha.. den we saw joc and anna den they walked to us.. den they went to rent their skates.. haha.. anna didnt rent .. cauz she got her aunts blade. den we saw jocelyn wear the blades.. and that took like 10MINS?? zz lol.. den she didnt dare to stand up lol.. den in the end when she finally did, she was grabbing anna's hand -.-.. den it was time she bladed.. in fact, she WALKED ON THE BLADES AHH!! lol and whats the point of blading haha.. den we went to the beginners corner.. and we started practicing.. haha.. and i fell once on my ass.. lol so dumb !.. den continued blading untill i felt WARMED-UP haha... den alex and i went to the road.. and we bladed all the way to east coast hawker centre.. lol.. den tiring.. leg very suan alot of hills also lol..( i mean slopes ) haha .. den of course i fell and i bought gan zhe shui.. lol.. den we bladed back.. damn tiring .. den went back.. lol.. den jocelyn could skate.. yay? lol.. i still cant fly with skates though.. i also cannot break. the only i break is to run to grasses lol.. =x.. haha.. den alex and i put back our skates.. and i saw yifeng.. he was stoning with the 2 girls lol.... as in rotting at the beginners corner doing nth!! .. for 2 hrs lol.. haha.. den jocelyn go return her blade.. den everyone follow her lol.. den she took out her blades.. den we saw liwen( jia wen sis ) she looks like jw but abit bigger =x.. den we walked around.. den we went mac.. den jocelyn and anna go buy chocolate shake haha.. den we go took out her blade the strap lol.. so its not connected together.. den when we wanted to go kebab stall, she drop her blades haha.... den in the end we went to the kebab stall.. we ate this really DAMN GOOD KEBAB MY GOD.. so delicious .. haha.. den we talked lol.. talk talk talk.. den talk about darren playing games haha.. den we saw michelle cheng on the way.. she looks DAMN PRETTY MAN.. my god.. and tall haha.. den we went to the beach .. and relaxed at the stones.. my god it felt good haha.. den we went walking haha.. den we walked them back to the bus stops.. and i ran home lol.. now at home ..damn tired.. slping soon.. end here le bb~

zHiWeN {author} posted at: 5:40 PM