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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Woke up early as normal.. 6.50.. den bath.. den prepared everything by 7.15.. den went out of hs at 7.20 ... den reached paya labar.. den played my competition song.. still got long way to go .. damn.. and my basics are getting worst and worst by the moment.... im gonna start training le... FROM SCRATCH!! hehe.. left hand first... den took mrt to chankat cc.. den saw sy and my junior !! my god... they were like so damn close eek... i see le my body hair errect lor.. sian.. den sy was holding her guitar.. den she was holding sy dizi!! heh.. how i wished i could hold a flute one day haha... den we took bus 292.. to chankat cc.. den i went up ... and took the lift with them.. den i took all 3 yangqin by myself.. zz.. they all dun help de .. lucky they help me keep.. haha.. and my san lian ying is getting better.. now all i nid to increase my x xx speed x xx .. haha... somehow i like mr see.. he is like will push u de.. and in those funny way lol.. cute man haha.. like he say lai lai wo men zuo na ge bu ke neng de shi haha.... den played fen yong ... i realised my music understanding better le.... now i looking at how my conductors conduct... den try and learn abit of things heehee.. den i play chang cheng shui xiang qu.. cute song!! damn cute.. den got this sac PP girl.. my god.. shes quite pretty man haha.. she asked me what sec was i.. den i said 2.. den i talked to her for like 10 seconds odd.. haha.. we kinda hit it off.. but im not interested in her though haha.. den i said she was radiant lala.. lol bootlicking her... haha.. i very flirt de haha.. =p.. den chang cheng.. was crapping with mr see haha!!... the score really very hard to read.. den i was like mr see mr see mr see!! what is this what is this what is this!!! heehee... den i understood le.. and i managed to play the first page of chang cheng in 10 mins haha.. and abit of second page.. cauz i no time for the nxt page cauz i nid to go Ke shu.. haha.. den i keep laughing while playing.. cauz i keep getting lost... lol.. so pathetic haha.. and dats what i always do also hee.. den by the time its 12 le.. i went off... den took 292 to tm .. den took MRt to tanjong pagar.. i stand all the way -.- lol.. den i went inside ke shu.. den went in .. den *ding dong * got bell lol.. the ppl installed the 7-11 bell thingy.. damn noisy haha.. but hilliarous .. haha.. den we played the old songs.. and for the first few times.. WE PLAYED HUAN XIN PROPERLY!! woohoo.. haha.. only dat the co too little ppl.. den we played jun ma.. we increased the speed.. not bad.. haha.. den break.. i ate 4 siew mai haha.. haha.. with chili and i still got sore throat haha.... den practice again.. den i went home.. took 196.. den the place near suntec is damn well decorated cauz of the IMF thingy haha.. den i went home.. walked across the bridge.. den suddenly think of her lol.. for no reason.. den jump over the wall.. den went to my grand ma house.. den drank a cup of water. den went home .. den now blogging hehe.. end here le bb~

zHiWeN {author} posted at: 6:21 PM