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Saturday, August 26, 2006

zzz~ my god man.. im falling in love.. . haha.. .. seeing her happy makes me happy too.. heh.. she brightens up my day! and during assembly zakia ( if thats ur correct name ) had a power point of the VSA camp!! man it reminded me of so many memories with so many of the children ( although they r older ) woot~ and the worst thing is hao xuan was sitting next to me.. sway den he was like complaining about the camp.. and i said nth.. tried to resist an argument.. he was like saying ' stupid camp ' and dat got me real pissed but i said nothing in the end.. cauz most likely he will end up whacking me and i won't want that to happen..haha cauz hau ming, sheng yong and weelee was also disturbed by him and of course as usual, they started to flame each other haha!! damn funny.. and also they had the water saving thingy.. and the charactors are so LAME man!! but i kinda enjoyed it..

Our P.E lessons was spent on doing some dancing!! for next thursday.. quite fun leh!! haha although the front part was boring.. i quit enjoyed it overall woohaa!!! punch punch bish bish kick kick!! heh! and art lessons!! we( yifeng darren fawwaz and me ) screwed up in drawing the art thingy haha.. grr they anyhow make the wax den in the end one big patch of wax on the cloth peng -.- haha.. den after dat.. i forgot what i did..... well after sch. yifeng alfred, and me went to the library.. yea and i loved dat garfield book!! darn funny and after dat.. anna and jocelyn came to the library too.. didnt expected them to come lol.. well after alfred and yifeng and i finished the book they went home and becauz i didnt wanted to go home i was with both of the girls haha.. den they were laughing at one book called girl wonder.. lol and i had no idea what is it about.. haha and at 4.50+ they went off.. and i didnt go parkway with them to buy a present.. cauz i was lazy haha.. and by the time i reached home.. it was 4.50 + still cauz i live like 2 blocks away from the library hahah.And i had a long nap.. till 9+.. naps are bad.. everytime i take a nap.. i will miss my dinner lol ..
lame day.. starting of the day whole class tio scolded during history lesson by mr dickson cauz hao xuan whacked sheng yong on thursday.. and i had no idea about it.. cauz yifeng and i was finding mr seah.. my god man wthell is our class doing.. its screwing up everything.. my god.. the class leaders and prefects are feeling so stressed up lol.. and guess what.. kester got spotted by some bigshot with his girlfriend.. ( sec one i think ) kissing and hugging omg sia.. wthell are u trying to kester.. screw up BDS? make us go to headlines and you will be happy? well back to hao xuan and shengyong.. my god haoxuan why did u hit shengyong on the head.. i seriously hate u for that man... later internal bleeding how?? sia la.. !! hope you will go to the boys home and not disturb any of the BDSians anymore.. cauz seriously u get to everyones nerve! im evil wakaka and today.. chinese oral fun.. i dunno like 6 words total haha.. lucky my teacher is chen lao shi!! heng!! haha fun.. and as usual CO again man i love my cca.. haha but im an A-B-C member though.. and today we went to the hall for rehearsal lame songs.. marsuri and zao an lao shi.. but after CO the REAL FUN BEGINS.. haha we were in the AVA room screwing UP everything man!! the mike, the PIANO ESPECIALLY.. cao yong playing flight of the bumber bee with 2 FINGERS LOL!! and everyone started hitting the piano like nobodys business woohoo den sam the most funny speak in hokkien like auction uncle liddat haha!! although i cant understand it seemed funny haha.. den after dat, me,marc,anna,jasmine,cao yong,and many more ppl we walked to tannah merah busstop there... and while we were on the bus stop.. i saw anna and jocelyn den i waved at them den went in the bus.. haha.. den after dat we want to a hawker centre to eat lol .. den eat eat den talk talk very fun!! haha end here le sister wana use bb!

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