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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Man.. went out at 8.. den went to take MRT to paya labar.. den take bus to tamp.. heh! reached tamp at around 8.45++.. yeap! den i went to the bus stop to take 292.. and realised i was too early.. haha so i went to the food court.. called food link i think.. and i ordered a breakfast set.. it consisted of 2 eggs(raw) bread and one teh! for 2.50!! quite full although very little things.. haha and by the time i finished, it was like 9.15 woohoo and i took bus.. den waited for like 10 minutes den it started to rain.. den after dat i see flora coming to e bus stop.. and got another SAC girl ( cello de ) also at bus stop.. den got one old lady beside me.. keep talking cock man.. say what.. zhe ge ben(4) bus.. den i was like.. aunty.. man man lai.. hai you shi jian ma.. bu yao na me kan chiong lols.. and dats still early man.. and i took the bus for like 4 stops.. den i stopped.. cauz and walked to CC in the rain.. den i met another BDS cello de on the way.. and i didnt said hi. cauz i dunno her dat well.. haha. and by the time i reached chankat, its like 9.45++ haha.. den when i reached there.. den tiao my instrument.. den help hui zhen take her instrument.. cauz she wasnt there yet.. and den mr boo talked to the whole orchestra.. for like 1hour + omfg sia.. and by the time we started playing. it was like 11+... he talked about cy.. and jasmine.. den the other jasmin.. wtf sia.. he say they all till dat bad... sianded =( den talked about my teacher.. i abit bui song le .. but i nvr say anything haha.... normal me. . den 11.. its FEN YONG time.. woohoo.. slow fast slow fast!! sianded.. no pai gu outside also.. zz only yq and guan yue can make it.. the rest arh.. still nid time.. especially the PAGE 2 shi lui fen ying fu.. its hard for gao/er hu.. alot of nots.. i pity cello.. cmi though.. seems so poor thing....... den in the mp3 like so damn nice lor the cello sound.. so THICK man.. i it! haha.. den after dat break at 1.. den we go KFC eat.. haha.. den talk talk.. den i gay with sam.. lol!! lucky han yun nvr jelous =p.. lols! den after dat went back to cc with anna n james. and some other dizi guy and jeremy.. cant remember the dizi guy name.. edward i think lol.. (THINK ) haha.. den i played BBall.. yea.. we were on a losing streak.. the other team too pro le.. haha and lucky nvr count score.. den HAI WO SO SMELLY..! for the rest of the day sia.. freaking sweat so much.. like huang he liddat.. haha.. den after dat.. we went back cc.. den play instrument den talk talk talk... den after dat we went back playing.. den MR BOO came back after teaching jeremy at the 2nd floor.. haha.. den he told us to keep instrument.. and dats like 4+ le.. den in the end we all keep.. den when i keep halfway.. i heard mr boo and yl arguing.. den in the end yl got out of the cc.. cauz he too pissed le.. den in the end CY talk to mr boo.. actually cy wanted to go out too but MR boo said 'cy wo zhe yang zuo you cuo ma?' den cy said ' i haf to right to say' den they started talking... MAN i love cy man.. he talk to MR boo for 1hr and POINTED OUT HIS WRONG DOINGS.. SHIOK ARHHH!! den mr boo promised to change... haha.. in the end we also talk about also.. say he always claim credit.. woohoo woofs.. yeap.. den in the end after he went out all the ()&*#(!*(_#)@!_ letters came out of their mouths haha.. knn ccb all this.. den talk talk.. den in the end yl not so angry le.. heng haha.. den we stil ltalk bad about boo.. shiok.. lols.. den sy and i gay haha.. we hump each other LOL.. damn fun.. den before i go i kissed my hand and *threw* it at him LOL.. our relationship is improving le haha... lol i love u SY.. den after dat.. i went to take bus.. 292 .. den walk across the bridge. and took 31 home.. slpt halfway.. den woke up at tao nan.. den nxt stop is mystop le haha.. den i walk home.. den eat dinner at cousin hs.. they live at 5th floor i at 16th floor.. den de deng! dats it for today haha..

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