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The day after geting sick haha

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Woke up at 7+.. den was searching high and low for my memory card for my PS.. darn i cant find it.. so many PRONESS in it noo.. all gone now... haha.. den switched on my computer.. den played 2 dota games.. den she online .. den talk to her.. den i played another 1 otah game.. den alt tab at 12.. but she said bb at 11.55 haha....den i bath and went to commex.... i alighted at bedok interchange.. den at carrot cake black de.. and my throat hurt even more.. den at halfway throw away.. den i go buy soya milk cold de.. den drink halfway my throat hurt even more.. zzz.... den i threw it away...den i went to MRT.. den took the train to commex.. haha.. so crowded.. but very nice.. so many computer thingy.. den i walked around .. like 2 circles liddat.. den i saw this razor SHOP!! COOL!! i played house of the dead 4 on PC.. damn cool! graphics TOTALLY rocks.. haha... den darren called me.. den i went to tannah merah.... den we waited for the 2 queens to come .. den went to pasir ris haha!!.. den we ate there.... i didnt eat.. i just drank one cup of teh.. it felt good seriously.. makes my throat feels great..... den i bought strepsills haha.. and ate one.. vitamin c de.. haha.. can tell from its orange colour haha.. den after eating finish.. they bought deserts and ate.. den we walked around white sands.. den we walked to downtown!! shiok .. very long nvr go there le.. den its like.. so many places so unfamiliar.. den we walked around there.. walk walk walk!! den walked past the chalet.. den we went outside escape.. and realised that not much time left for us to play.. so not very worth haha.. den we decided end of year we go bah haha.. more time and more fun... haha.. den we went to play arcarde.. den played the basket ball thingy.. so fun haha.. and we 2 guys lost tothe girls in playing.. lol so pathetic.. haha.. over shoot de always haha.... den i played time crisis 4 .. and realised it was damn bloody hard.. sianded.. and lost in the stage one 3rd mission.. so pathetic.. sian.. den i went to walk around there.. and we went BK to eat.. i didnt eat again.. den i ate another strepsills.. haha.... den we talked in BK.. den she tlak about her cousin.. haha.. got one called xiao pang.. lol so cute.... but heard from her very kb de haha.. cauz only grandson lol.. 7 girls and 1 grandson.. my god.. the mother really noe how to SHENG HAI ZI.. father everyday chiong =x haha.. okay no offence.. haha.. den talked about meku.. den they say i do with the cat cauz i PR.. haha.... lol den they laughed forawhile.. eek imagine yucks lol... haha.. den after dat we walked around pasir ris.. den we walked to seashore park haha.. den climb here climb there... den got one long stretch of road.. den i go say.. zhe li you ren bei qiang jian guo.. yao xiao xin hor.. den i howled lol... den scare them got fen shi an also haha.. den we walked to the playground.. at that time 7 le.. den we walked back to pasir ris inter change.. den i went home.. den i bid them farewell haha.. den i took mrt to paya labar and took 43 home.. haha.. den i practiced my yq.. den i blog haha.. end here le bb~

zHiWeN {author} posted at: 11:28 PM