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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

haha today morning.. woke up at 5am.. cauz i tot it was 6.. and all cauz my sister was using the bath room... den i tot 6 zzz... den i went out and look at the clock in the living room.. realised it was 5.. den went back to slp.. haha.. den i woke up again at 6++.. den got my things ready and went to sch.... sch's not bad today.. saw many sec one prefects.. pretty pathetic though haha... ask one guy go up can say so many thing.. so cute lol!! den it was lessons.. MS KOW DIALOUGE!!.. when no 1 talked at all.. all e sec 2 express was listening to her.. zzz.. talk talk talk!! den tal about sub's combo.. haha.. for e second time.. den it was recess.. i ate lor mee.. haha.. den bought the jelly thingy.. woo nice!! haha.. den lessons again.. art was boring cauz my group finished all e work.. den i slpt during mdm chong lesson.. lol over sianded den woke up at 11. 40 haha.. den went to computer lab.. den do ace learning.. lol.. and my algebra seriously sux haha.... den it was time to eat!! cauz we were having a SP trip today .. haha.. den i ate yu yuan mian haha.. den i didnt drink the soup haha.. den i ate one whole chili man!! it was DAMN HOT .. i almost teared man!! drank so much water haha.. in the end .. GREEN TEA + ICE LEMON TEA HELPS haha.. den i stoned at one side cauz my mouth was burinng ...... den i went to assembly at foyer.. with the rest of the sec 2's haha.. my mouth was still burning!! at that time.. den i went to the bus.. den tried to slp.. but cant cauz i was needing the toilet badly....haha.. den in the end i reached SP... and our class didnt haf to walk while other classes had to walk.. haha 2pig!! ownaged! haha.. cauz they stop b4 us.. lols ..DEN I RUSHED FOR E TOILET... haha.. den in the end it was the SP talk.. not bad quite interesting except for the durina thing.. its TOTAL CRAP MAN.. but i realised it was not that crap when it talked about the courses.. cauz i didnt think dat thorougly haha.. when i was feeling up the feedback form lol.. den i sat at the huge lecture hall.. pretty cool.. den i saw her.. den i stared at her tying her hair.. haha.. she didnt see me though haha.. until while she was turning back to see some ppl.. den i she saw me.. den i smiled at her man!! at the moment i didnt felt sian le.. haha.. i felt happy haha.... den i went to toilet with yifeng haha.. den after dat it was treasure hunt woo!! haha...... den play.. den run around.. den sweat haha.. den filled up the treasure hunt form.. den went to assemble.. haha.. den played with the KFC charactor.. so cute lol.. haha. den assembly den went back to sch.. den slpt on the bus haha.. den went home haha.. now still thinking of her as i wrote.. haha.. k end here le.. bb =)

zHiWeN {author} posted at: 6:27 PM