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Friday, October 20, 2006

Sianx.. im so bored .. what can boredom lead to? it can lead you to do foolish things, basicaly lame and dumb things.. but how do we solve this problem then, we can go out and do whatever we can to keep ourselves occupied . BUT HOW because if ur bored you already have nothing to do? .. so think.. try being on msn for 4 hours without anyone talking to you.. and all the game server happen to shut down on that day ? rofl.. Swayness? or your not hot? hot? cold? achoo? suona? sian.. im so bored that i keep typing dumb things... sian.. going CO later.. now its still early.. haven eaten breakfast.. yea.. supposed to go meet sag and han and dou to eat but i didnt... .. zz lazy 2 go.. morning supposed to do ask n learn but i cant log in for no apparent reason.. lala ... zzzzzz.......... and mr seah haven call me yet.... zzz getting results next week.. hope i dun drop to NA.. sian.. so worried.. i flung like 2 subs.. zzz... wthell... i have no self disclipline.. can i train it? .. zzz.. 7 hours a day starting from next week.. yea.... sian ms poh signed me up for ezone.. and i haven even practiced my competition song fully yet.. should haf trained on my basics when i was younger.. now so late.. regret le......... didnt think of my future.. what can i do in the future.. my goals are ahead, but im not putting in the effort to meet my needs... i just enjoy life.. can i be more hardworking? can i ? will i? sian.. computer.. ur ruining me... zzz.. maybe i should nt use computer.. cauz its just a tool for games for me.. and not for work.. haha.. do i work? marc got lobang for me.. work during december.. i should go... yea.. lala... wonder whats gonna happen nxt year.. hope i will work harder.. yea... i must cannot hope.. hope = failire + slack . WORK = Sucess + steam... yea.... games ruin life.. but maybe occasional gaming works haha... relieves stress.. but do i have stress? maybe not maybe yes.. NAC is coming.. im growing white hair.. im gonna end up looking like lao zi.. im seriously stucked .. i dunno what am i doing!.. sian.. ya.. this all relates to sian word... i nid some one to motivate me.. but who? i nid inspirations.. i nid to fight.. i nid to be jealous.. that will steer me on...... but who can steer me on.. only 2 person... sigh.. im going crazy.. does folding paper crane works? nah.. i keep folding it the wrong way.. and fold so many of it le... zzz.. lala.. a cup of milo wil do me find.. *drinks, gulps* done.. milk? expired le.. looking at my razor mouse.. i find it a little waste of $$.. gaming does not do me well... it screws me.. im gonna change from today.. im gonna be a new me.. im gonna be a more non-corruptable me.. i shall stop saying those words.. i shall not be sick.. i shall be a clean me.. resist!! gd luck to all those taking o's .. bonjour! like some bread? nice... haha.. tastless one... looking at my left i see a zhong ruan, look next to me, a piano.. looking at right.. my yangqin.. on my table a lamp... looking straight, is see the PC.. living in a wrong enviroment..... messy, everything so din tei.. lazy to pack also.. lazy me.. ahh.. im doomed.. nvm.. i told myself wil lchange le ma.. kk.. end here le bb.. looing forward to a new me!

zHiWeN {author} posted at: 12:24 PM