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ECP Followed By Lanning

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I woke up at 8++ as usual.. and its a friday! yay no sch haha.. den i went played o2 on computer.. den i went to bath at 9.45 haha.. ( alot of dens) and after that, i went to ECP wif sag and alex...den we rented blades.. and we bladed.. and i fell once, sag twice, alex once lol~ .. sag had a super fall weeeeeeeeee and ppl were laughing at her muhahaha.. lol.... den when we were blading back to the shop to return the blades we were damn tired.. lol.. and after returning.. i bought gulp,alex big gulp,sag slurpee.. btw she put her straw the wrong way-.-' lol.. after that went to took 196 to bedok interchange, and alex and i went to lanning, den we went to xzone.. and we played time crisis 4, we got raped.. sianded... ( wasted 2 dollars ) ... and after that alex played time crisis 3... and i din play.. cauz controller spoil.. den don came... and we played time crisis 4 together.. ( another 2 dollars wasted ) ... lol.. and i managed to survive further.. cauz 3rd time i play.. peng.. it sux!! but i will complete it one day lol!.. and after that i saw alloy,sly, and some other ppl.. den they watch me play.. den after that, i died.. and don,me and lex went to 3rd lvl.. and saw anna on the way.. lol.... den i went to lanning... and wtf.. the comp sux shit.. and den jocelyn called den ask me whether wana go eat with her,anna,alison and DARREN ( one guy if u noticed ) lol den i told her .. nah i dun want disturb ur private moments with him lol!! pengz.. and also got another reason la.. cauz i no money -.-' lol.. i still own alex 10 dollars ahhh.. and we lanned.. it was DAMN DAMN fun although the comp sux.. we played unreal tor... lol.. damn fun.. but sian cauz all depends on luck.. and we played CS.. lol!! lame game.. cauz mouse sux.. no fun in it.. and after that HALF LIFE yea!! the funnest.. we laugh like hell lololol!! haha.. den we played otah.. don first thing get butterfly -.-' he rikimaru.. i tot he get S&Y but nvm lol.. i am naga siren, alex sliencer, clar, tormented soul.. lol.. early game i got killed by alex twice.. but i decided to be defensive lol.. cauz don riku.. got dmg.. so i bought mekansam LOL.. 25 defence total.. they cant rape me man.. and i also bought manta style.. 3 ilusion+ me + another 2 LOL.. RAPE.. and den! we raped that at late game lol..haha.. and den we went off.. but b4 we went off we went to Bk and we ate students meal lol.. and talk about games haha.. and after that, we went off.. since don lived the nearest he walked home.. den alex and i and clar took MRT and den alex left at tannah merah cauz he lived near BDS... and clar and i stopped at bedok and clar went home while i took 31 home.. and i guess what i saw in the bus.!! CHIO BU!! wahhh nose bleed lol.. very chio haha.. den went home.. and wthell? SOMEONE WANTS to go SYCO.. WTF -.-? wthell.. pengz.. nvm end here liao lol~ bb

zHiWeN {author} posted at: 12:43 PM