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CO day and Performance day!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Woohoo Co day again..... woke up in the morning.. den prepaid my stick and file.. as usual.. den went sch.. looking forward to e afternoon.. den lessons as normal.. haha.. recess.. den music.. den i wanted to slp.. but my postition not comfortable.. haha.. so din slp.. den after that its maths time.. i learnt tangent,sin, consine.. abit hard.. i din quite get it lol.. den after that RAIN.. abit moody liao.. den after that rain heavier.. den its chinese lesson.. i had ting xie.. and guess what! i din noe 1 word only.. and is last minute study de.. lol.. less den 5mins to memories haha.. den after that sch ended.. den everyone scattered.. den marc put the bag in class.. den we both went down to canteen.. saw yong da on the way.. den before we reached canteen.. i so many ppl looking at a direction... den i told marc & yong da.. i say sure got fight.. den guess what!!.. we went to canteen.. we saw a FIGHT real one.. and alot of ppl gang one guy.. 3I de.. if i remember.. his called wei jie.. and his shirt got ripped? haha.. and den ms shak came to the rescue!! den the fight stopped.. den a malay guy scolded ms shak =x.. so RUDE!! den i bought green tea.. den went up.. den Co start.. and i saw sy hp kana confiscated by ms kow.. =x.. sway.. den he was begging her but to no avial .. sway kia!!.. den she read all his messages =x.. den got all those dirty one also =p... den after that CO start.. den i practiced.. den audrey tell me & hz to nian with them.. den i nian.. but kana tahan.. cauz they keep gan pai.. den i gave up.. i didnt practiced with them.. cauz it really wasted my time.. den i own self practied my thing.. and i sort of practied for 3 hours straight.. stop for less den 10 minutes during the 3hrs.. shiok.. no 1 disturbed me.. den yifeng and jocelyn came to 2C cauz tby was there.. den jocelyn borrowed my hp.. den yifeng wanted to try playing the yq but cannot hahaha!!.. den jocelyn came.. she played the yq.. den her skill very rusty le haha!!.. den ms boo saw her!! omitian.. den she came to our room.. and stopped yifeng and jocelyn =x.. den talk to tby ppl infront of jocelyn and yifeng.. and told us not to let anyone whos not from CO to go to our room as many of our belongings are in the room.. sianded.. i feel so bad.. den they left.. (y&j) den CO ended.. we packed our instruments.. den keep it.. lol (pack and keep no difference ) haha.. den i went out with our seniors.. as usual.. on friday.. zhong ming,anna,michelle,delia,sam,++ alot of ppl.... den we went off.. we waited at the bus stop.. around 50 minutes.. maybe close to an hour.. and guess what.. bus 14 was FULL.. nb.. waste our time.. den i was like damn bad mood le.. den in the end we walked to 85 market.. i saw bangla on the way.. den talk to her.. den she tell me dun bad mood haha.. den in the end we reached 85... 7+ le.. den we ate.. me marc sheng yong and victor... we shared a sting ray.. and marc and i ate satay bee hoon.. den after that we mix all the food together. and put at the OLDER ppl table lol.. and zhong ming said.. xiao hai zi jui shi xiao hai zi haha!! and i find that so true lol..! .. den after that we all ate finish.. we went to a play ground .. den on the way we heard bull frogs.. i was like so shocked.. i nvr heard such sounds b4.. and i still tot is cao yong make 1 lol.. wah sia.. they actually below drain.. and they are so DAMN noisy man and that time is around 8.50. den we reached the play ground.. we so many small froggies -____- haha.. den we sat in a circle and we talked about ghost stories.. my god and some more army de.. sianded.. i was like ahh can we change topic? marc and i kana freaked out le .. lol.. and jasmine still laugh at us.. although she abit cannot tahan le.. haha.. den after that... yl came with the coke and mentos!! and guess what IT REALLYWORKS.. lol casting time no delay!! put mentos in.. no time 2 close.. POOF the juice comes out baby!!.. .. haha.. den we got abigger circle and we continued talking.. and its 9.48 le.. den marc and i went home.. in the end. we ran to the bus stop cauz we got freaked out by a lift LOL.. den i was freaked out by a snail AHH.. den we reached the bus stop.. we still talked about those ghost thingy.. eek.. den we sat in the bus.. heng.. the presence of human make me feel better.. warmth haha =p.. den we went home... den i walk marc to the busstop.. den i went to cofee shop meet my father to discuss about the nxt day. . which is performance day .. den about those PA system thingy.. den i went home. .( still in sch U ) den i fell aslp in sch U..
Woke up at 10.30.. den bath.. den iron clothes.. den went off with my father to his office to prepare for todays performance.. at bukit buttock.. .. den morning.. i went to fathers office.. jalan dunno what.. den went 2 his office.. i prepared the mikes.. den i went to bukit batok le.. den met my fathers students.. DAMN chio.. some more is like 4 chio de.. den we ate chicken rice.. den i went to the CC.. played from 1.30 to 6.30.. my god.. lol.. .. den i went to the performance place.. it was raining.. and i found out that victor is coming to the performance too.. cool.. so qiao.. haha.. den our turn.. i had to solo one song.. LAST MINUTE decision.. but i declined.. becauz got 1 part i cant play... den its our CO turn.. we played the songs.. damn glaring the scores.. becauz of the lighting.. den performance finished.. victor and i went to west mall.. we took a cab.. and the driver IS DARN SLOW.. but bo bian.. old man.. den we took MRT.. back to paya labar.. den we ate at macdonalds.. it was 9.30.. den we took bus.. i went off first.. bus 135... den i reached home.. den blog.. kk end here le bb~

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