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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sch start as normal.. den today got PE.. den normal also.. played soccer.. today was geng fei birthday.. but he din come.. haha.. soccer was fun. it was total crap.. i was playing soccer/rugby?.. haha.. den it was home econs.. tired and smelly as usual.. sweating like hell.. den after that recess.. i went back class with yifeng & don .. den don changed.. but yifeng and i went to canteen.. & didnt tuck in our shirts.. but little did we expect MS ABRAHAM!! in the canteen peng!.. den she shouted BOY WHY IS YOUR SHIRT TUCK OUT!! i was like wthell i pratically got shocked by electricity.. den i shouted back.. im sorry haha.. den tuck in.. lol.. so nerdy.. den i bought yu yuan mian.. it was DAMN tastless.. pathetic shit.. and they gave dou ya.. my god! its like the 2nd time they put that in my noodles haha.. den we sat and ate.. yifeng bought lemon tea.. infact 2 of it haha.. i bought 1.. den don bought his food.. hor fun.. den we ate together.. den ms abraham told don.. your the only prefect here.. why arent you doing your duty.. and it was like 10.55? haven even recess over she ask don to do duty !! wthell. .den when she walked further up.. i talked in chinese .. wah shi jian dou hai mei you dao jiu pi ren le.. den yifeng replied 'haha your being racist' den i smiled haha.. and i replied' thats whats chinese is for haha' den we ate finish.. den went up to class.. we had english.. den after that geog.. my GOD the new teacher SUX SHIT!! she seriously got AP .. very bad.. she hack care everything de.. my GOD how can she even be a teacher when shes so pathetic.. and i didnt enjoyyed her lesson at all.. everyone din.. cauz she is damn pathetic.. but as time passes.. our class got abit noiser and she didnt care le.. she just teach.. lol.. i think she got used to the sounds haha.. .. den it was science.. lol.. as crappy as ever.. i listened to mr seah.. haha.. im starting to concentrate more on lesson le.. EOY coming.. den sch ended.. went home with yifeng.. we wanted to go study together.. but we cant decide a place haha.. den we went back home.. den when i went home.. i did geog hw.. 2 hrs OMG i actually studied.. haha.. den i play yq for 45 min++ .. den went online. .den chat with saggy.. den i NOE OF A GOOD FACT MUHAHAHA.. den went to eat dinner.. den go back.. den chat with her again.. den chat with sheena.. den talk crap .. talk about the 9 o clock show lol.. so lame.. den 10 o clock.. i watch lost.. den chat with sag.. she Chui me write blog haha.. may 2ml be a better day =) CO days ahh fun!! kk end here le bb~

zHiWeN {author} posted at: 10:22 PM