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Bz Day Again =x

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Heh.. woke up at 7... den bath.. den prepared all my yang qin things.. den wore my shoe.. den left for bus to paya labar.. den reached there at 7.50.. den sat down.. den played my exam piece.. tian shan shi hua.. damn.. i suck at it.. all cauz i didnt brush up my basics =(... den after that i learned a new song.. den 8.50 le.. deni left.. and took a bus to singapore post office.. den took MRT to tampiness mall.. den took bus 292 to chankat... den sat down.. and its fen zhu again haha.. mr see teach us chang cheng !! haha.. lol.. den came.. haha.. den yangqin section not much problem le.. haha.. just that we had a bit of problem in those pa ying.. lol~... den practiced fen yong haha.. den i play with her shi lui fen ying fu.. lol..haha but didnt managed to play with her san lian ying..!!.. den after that.. mr boo came and took over.. the all the section came back.. den we played fen yong .. haha.. den we played san lian ying and guess what!! my junior noe how to play that part also le !! yay ~ and ITS ALL BECAUZ OF ME MUAHAHAH(BHB) lol den in the end cannot play san lian ying.. den after that it was 12.30 .. i left.. den they played chang cheng together.. i nvr he zou that song b4.. haha.. wonder how's it like.. den after that i took 292 back to TM.. den took MRT to tanjong pagar.. den went to ke shu.. den we played huan xin.. haha.. la la la~~ and it's SERIOUSLY horrible without yan qian to ding man... den they also dunno how to give beat de... piang eh.. den so sian... den conductor lai liao.. den everyone got back to their places.. den we played jiu ge... haha.. as usual.. suo na - CMI TTM... haha.. den we played JUN MA.. but very slow de.. but lucky today timpani got come.. and the EFFECT CHANGED... the whole orchestra seemed to play louder as the timpani play's louder.. man.. its seriously nice.... haha.. abit slow though =p.. den after that we played shi le.. a piece made by our han yue conductor.. MR TIKO!! haha.. den after that its break.. den we ate duck meat again.. ahaha... den ate yue bing.. den after that, we played fen yu tong lu.. another piece by our other conductor.. and the songs nt bad.. just that we didnt he zou de properly.. den after that.. everyone left.. den xiao zu stay back.. i one of em.. den we played pu tao shou le.. yea! and er hu improved.. haha... and i no mistake also.. sweet!!.. den after that i took a bus home.. haha.. den came back home.. den now blog haha.. kk end here le bb~

zHiWeN {author} posted at: 6:07 PM