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Running Corgi's

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy!!!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

We are no longer trainees, yet we still do what trainees do.
We get treated slightly better than trainees in terms of welfare, BUT yet they still choose to play with our fridays for no apparent reason. zhe mo ze yang -.-

When we were trainees, we do everything ourselves.
Thats what trainees should do.
instead of relying on the senior batch to help them secure this secure that.
even carrying the boats has become our business.
If thats the case, why not we go through another hellweek for em while we are at it :)?

Anyways after catching immortals on film recently, i realised that..
Hey, Indians do look quite good lol~

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Before, good deal.
Now, bad deal. Or is it..?

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

I am hungry!

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Past / Present

Friday, November 11, 2011

Things were so much simpler back than.
Oblivion is indeed a bliss,
growing up enables us to recognize and understand the true nature of people,
which is selfishness.
Skepticism powers me, and allows me to make better judgement.

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Swollen Eye,

trying to freaking survive for a week with a swollen eye is no easy feat.
simply because everyone just freaking stares at me and ask me what happened to my eye. to be honest, i have no idea. even the doctor isn't very sure of my condition, he just thinks that its a pimple growing at an awkward place ( you know like those on your ass ? )
Because of the sheer amount of people that asked me " what happened to your eye " for the past week, i made a regrettable mistake today, which was replying rudely to my warrant officer sigh. IT HAPPENED DUE TO MY STUPID REFLEXES. when he asked me the golden question " what happened to your eye " i just shrugged and smiled. sigh, what a moment of folly.

Anyways the CDG guys are posted out today. It means that my fellow saikang warriors has just left the UDG fraternity. What saddens me the most is that the CDG guys are actually my closer friends compared to my other batch boys, we are of the same wavelength. Now that they are gone, i only have a few boys to stick to. damn.

Today also marks the day where the 36th batch class up from BMT to CDC( combat diver course). Well i would like to point out that our class up hammer was much more dramatic than theirs. I wouldn't say that we got it easier but our intensity and tempo was definitely higher than theirs. In fact ours had more variety and was definitely more dramatic than theirs. We had rubbish flying everywhere, instructors moving from bunks to bunks stunning your equipments, vulgarities been fired at you like shots from a GPMG. We had bear crawl, worm crawl, legs on the highest railing and so much more! Thinking back, hell yeah class up hammer was fun alright. ALl the shouting, the swearing, the sweats shed just to obtain that sliver badge was defnitely worth it. But i gotta give it to 36 for putting up with the hammer also. Its quite difficult for one to maintain focus after marching for 24km. So good job for the 36th batch for being so fired up during the hammer. Its really not an easy task :)

-Its not who I am underneath, its what i do that defines me-

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Monday, November 07, 2011

Heaven for the climate, hell for the company.

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Mr Nice Man

Different people have different threshold of tolerance.
If a person with a high level of tolerance were to comment in a slightly unfriendly tone, the person whom the former refer to should evaluate on his actions.

To be honest, people that do not know me will not know that im a friendly person because of the poker face i always show. but if you were to know me, and if you know that im pissed, something is definitely wrong. But relax lah, angry also angry for like awhile only im not a petty person.( AS FAR AS I KNOW... lol ) Not that i am blaming anybody but after all, it takes two hands to clap.

Being nice isn't tough. But being nice to a unfriendly person for a prolonged period of time is tough. To communicate nicely isn't tough. But to constantly try and communicate to a person that is unwilling to listen is tough. This essentially sums up my batch. People there are generally nice. But apparently, they do not seem to listen. Or rather, they lack the situational awareness that is so relevant to us. When there is a need to help, please stand up and help. But before you do so, please think through of your consequences of doing a certain action. Do not come up with lame excuses to cover up one lie. Because to cover up the first lie, a second lie have to be conjured and the cycle perpetuates. Just to digress, if there is one thing i hate, i hate liars. No matter how big or small a lie is, a lie is a lie. Do not blatantly lie in front of my face please. Because it will seriously piss me off.

Another thing which i love is discipline. Being disciplined reflects alot on oneself. In fact every morning, waking up requires alot of discipline. For instance, if the alarm were to ring at 8am. you jolly well wake up at 8am and not snooze to god knows what time. Thus in my opinion, most musicians are rather disciplined people. They can literally sit at the same spot for hours practicing their pieces perfecting and fine tuning their skills to the best that they could which is rather appealing if one were to find an ideal partner.

Speaking of ideal partner, IM STILL SINGLE.
not that I am ashamed to say that i am still single, single hood is rather awesome. One can literally do whatever he wants without any sort of constrains! But i am a rather conservative person sigh(wish that i can be more wild) but i simply cant go out and chiong sua. Its just not my type to just go to a club and hit on a chick. Simply can't do it. But to be honest, I would think that being attached would pawn singlehood anytime anywhere anyhow. At least one would know that somewhere out there, a person actually cares for you. That's quite consoling huh. :)

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Aiden Grimshaw sings Mad World - The X Factor Live -

Sunday, November 06, 2011

And i find it kind of funny, and i find it kind of sad.

On a totally unrelated note, im glad I have awesome friends that's worth lasting through a lifetime :)

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Trainee life.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Being a diver trainee is not easy. We have to go through a grueling seven months of intense training, getting whacked in many varieties of way such as bear crawl, getting wet and sandy and our favourite touch the fence and boat pt etc. Being able to tolerate so much shit is not just about a high level of physique, but it also test and push our minds to far beyond our limits. After all, we are only half as strong as we think we are.

Being a trainee does also have its perks, we are constantly on a vigilant, having sentries to help us keep a look out for instructors when we are slacking, taking short cuts, or doing some stuff which isn't allowed to be done. Well, who cares as long as you don't get caught right?

We also learn many things through the hard way. Which unfortuantely is the best way of getting things done. When we do something wrong, we have to pay for it, when we suffer, we tend to remember things better and we get the job done the next time faster too which is why we constantly get whacked all the time.

But all of this hammerings is not in vain, because the greater the intensity, the stronger the memory will be. After all, what does not kill us makes us stronger. For instance, running around the parade square countless times with our FBO, our chow run, our bear crawls around the parade square has been deeply etched into my memory and it also has made me a much stronger person. It also has allowed our batch to grow as a team, to forge comrade as well as life long friendships.

Currently, my status in camp is in transistion, meaning that i am not a trainee, but i am also not in a unit. So this means everything is more or less own time own target. We do not get dropped ( that often ) but we also do not have training as well which to me, is a good thing. Lots of resting in bunk and we do get to play alot in our cabins :) All this free time has also presented an opportunity for me to reflect on what I have done so far in my life, the good, the bad as well as certain regrets which is unfortunate sigh, but oh well. LIFE STILL GOES ON ! :D

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