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Sichan earth quake

Monday, May 26, 2008

Lives are lost,
families are broken,
whats there to amend?

do we think by donating money we can heal the deep scar in their heart?
can we ever understand the sorrow felt by the earthquake victims of sichuan?
i don't think we ever can.

everyone has to die one day,
its all up to fate.
im just feeling sorry that parents,grandparents and children are taken away by their loved onces so quickly.

may the victims of the earthquake rest in peace.

i think i am being paranoid.
i think i have it,
but am i just thinking to much?
i need help.
save me.

oh btw, hear this dude sing.. haa..
old time classic.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

I was browsing through
then i found this story that intrigued me.
and i hope you guys would enjoy it =)

Warning: The following post may be offensive to some, involved China Chinese,
Singaporean, Christian etc.

Submitted by apoet:

"As the SMRT train , travelled from orchard up north on the Wednesday 20th june, between 2-3pm….

In the second last coach, two kids was playing with the poles in the coach. A middle age lady (L) about the age of 40-50 wearing a pink top, specs and short hair closed her eyes. And said in aloud voice : " you all china people very rude !, you know, you china people no manners !" in Chinese.

The two kids young about 4-5 years of age, stopped looked at the lady and went to their mom, and sat back there on the next bench looking shock and scared. Their mom smile and consoled them.

10 mins passed, the smaller girl forgetting the incident naïve as a kid she is, came ard in front of L and play around the pole again. L shouted : " Don't do it in front of me ! go away , you china people so rude don't understand Chinese is it ?!!"

The girl ran back to her mom and sat there. Her mom consoled her again and hold her hand this time.

A old man (M) standing in front of L said : " yes this china people are very rude! The children are like monkeys ! run here run there.."

L said : "thank you , uncle this china people very rude, I am not feeling well ya know, make me so dizzy..these china people they behave like that disgrace Singaporeans, we Singaporeans are number one, we are the best , these china people come here and people think they are Singaporean and they disgrace us and spoilt our image !"

This guy (A) who was sitting beside L all this while finally said to L: " you are disgraced to Singapore. You are such a snob, snobbish and you shame Singaporeans."

L said to (A) : " I am sorry, sorry .. are you a china people? I am sorry, are you a china people?"

A said : it does not matter who I am , your behaviour makes people think Singaporeans are snobbish."

L said : " are you a Singapore? Huh? You must be a foreigner right? You PR right? "

(A) said : " it does not matter."

L said : "you are PR lah , look at you! I am proud of being a Singapore, you are a foreigner. I am proud of Singapore, I am proud of Lee kuan yew , I am proud of Lee sian long. You PR do not know , you are not Singaporean!"

(A) said : " yes that is right , we should be. But your behaviour disgraces us"

(A) open his wallet and showed L his pink IC.

And L said : " you Singaporean? How long have you been Singaporean, I was born here! What kind of Singapore are you, you help china people and don't help own Singapore? Is it your wife is a foreigner ? you got china wife .."

A said : "you are a racist, arrogant and snobbish."

L said : "what ! I am a good citizen, ok I am a Christian, and I go to church every Sunday."

(A) said : " so what?"

L said : " I believe in god I am a good person!"

(A) said : "what so great about your god ?"

L said : " you insult god ! you sin !!"

(A) said : " if your god teach followers like you, then he is not GOD and I should not care."

L said : " wah you so rude, god will punish you !"

(A) said : " fuck you and your god "

(M) said : ok,ok let's not fight between ourselves over china people."

L said : " ya say I snobbish ? I am loh. I am snobbish. You married china people lah"

L said : " these china people so rude run here and there, makes me sick ! go sit down lah! Don't come in front of me. You Singaporean never side Singapore, your parent never tell you who you are huh?"

(A) said : "this is a public train, people can stand where they want, you have no right to tell them to sit down, and who ever I married is not your fucking business"

(A) said : " You disgraced us and god. "

( A) stood up and alight at the next stop at Toa payoh. He realised he had missed his stop by one station.

endnotes :

indeed there are despicable china people. They also despicable singapore people, they are despicable people from any where , any country of the world.

We cannot be lost so much in our ego that we become ignorant and proud that we feel we are superior and that we can put someone down publicly.

we cannot bully people who come to our country and have no means of defending themselves and thus tyrant over their fear in a foreign land

We cannot be so lost in ourself that we think we are the best and be so childish as it is to think we are the best just by saying it .

we cannot be so lost in religion carrying and tarnishing the name of god by saying that if one is a follower of god one is good.

It is this type of person that will go around offending people from other countries, and if they are leaders create ill-feelings among religions. It is this type of person that is so lost in themselves and think of themselves as pure and look down among those that do not match up to them nor have their same beliefs. It is this type of person who will kill you and back stab you over a pack of rice in times of true war.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

angels!!! =D

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

zhiwen is having delusions.
is zhiwen is still leaving in a surreal dream?
Its only up to him to decide.
is zhiwen's mind just a surrogate to something that is elliptical?
or zhiwen is just mollycoddling something ?
has zhiwen culminated to the entrance of being eccentric?
zhiwen seriously, is in doubt. o.0
zhiwen is intoxicated by his thoughts.
zhiwen hopes to find an omnipotent angel for salvation.
but that, is nothing more than pragmatism.

i hope to be stoic towards matters.
i hope to be enthused.
i hope to probe more into matters.
i hope to do this.
i hope to do that.
but zhiwen is sorry.
zhiwen wants to. but cant.

sometimes people think that what they say might help to solve matters.
sometimes, they think that what they say has no harm.
sometimes, i hope they shut the .... up.
to me, it simply just exacerbated the crux.
if people learned to keep their SHIT to themselves.
they would save others trouble. [ refering to NOBODY k =D]

zHiWeN {author} posted at: 9:34 PM




Wednesday, May 14, 2008

you know what,
im really fortunate to be born in Singapore.
i wana go watch tj concert..
mmm should i?

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

zhiwen is joining NAC.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

1 words




100 words



oh yeah..
i was listening to the radio one day.. ..
when suddenly..
there is a call!

host : Hi
boy : Hi
Host : whats your name??
boy : huh?
Host : who do you want to dedicate this song to?
boy : huh?
host's : starts laughing haha.
boy : huh?
host : what song you wana dedicate to your friends?
boy : huh??
host's : hahaha

then suddenly gt the break's or whatever you call it..
its quite dumb yeah..
and i was quite sure those boys did it on purpose LOL..

after tuition, i went into the lift..
together with about 7 tuition mates..
den inside got this 2 Indian dudes (nth racist)

den this indian dude started saying : WOW.. i am so disappointed with teenagers nowadays..

den we all were like quiet...
seriously, we were like wth is your problem?
but nvm..

zHiWeN {author} posted at: 11:06 PM




Friday, May 02, 2008

this is so amazing....

zHiWeN {author} posted at: 11:17 PM