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Monday, January 15, 2007

AHHHHHHH..... had a fever the previous night.. real bad.. was pratically breathing through my mouth argh!! ahhh den i woke up .. its sunday.. lucky i canceled yq tution the day b4 .. haha.. woke up at 9.30.. den went to singapore post to meet victor... yea... haha.. den i drank *ju hua cha* lol.. i dunno how to spell in english =x.. yea it tasted good.. haha.. den when i reached the mac in singapore post, i arranged my scores in order.. yea.. den sheng yong came.. and we went to take MRT from PAYA LABAR to DOVER!! .. lol... lucky we had seats haha... den victor and i slacked.. close eyes and slowly, we didnt managed to doze off -.-" haha.. cauz sheng yong was talking VERY loudly on phone!! not free hand also!! zzz.. lols.. and den we reached.. we went down and saw xiao tou and mich .. den we went off to take our instruments.. and den we shifted our instruments from the SPCO room to the SP conventional hall haha.. den we sat and i william & i practiced *tong nian de hui yi* . and he also went thru *chun* with me haha.. thanks william! yea.. and after that we sat on stage.. and we sat.. and when the PA on the lights, the reflection on my scores were barely visable, so i took out my scores from the plastic cover.. and just put it there plainly haha.. this proves that FILE IS USELESS!!! bai mei only lol!.. and after that i started to feel more sick arghghhg.. but i managed to endure .. and we had our rehersal.. yea.. and after that soon, it was 4++ going 5.. ppl started coming in and i wasnt really feeling that good but heng mr lee got panadol gimmie whew.. den we entered the stage .. i very off-form zzz... den after we finished the concert (it didnt turn out that well as expected ) ahhh.. but nvm haha.. den i left with anna,delia and jun peng.. i long bang delia's mum car to singapore conference hall.. and i took a cab from there.. and reached home.. den bath and slpt..... den woke up @ 10 and went to the doctor.. den got MC.. bad throat now lol.. ahh.. den after that went to eat with my mum & dad.. den saw my cousin with his gf.. nt bad quite pretty haha =x.. nice taste yy!.. yea.. den after that jasmin called me and told me some things!! NOOOOO.. ahh ( what a misunderstanding ) but.. i see how it goes bah.. if got chance den why not ? lol!! =x.. haha.... ahh....den slpt.. for the PAYCO audition on saturday.. it turned out WELL!!! woohoo!!.. yay.. yeap...haha.. should be able bah.. but sry victor nvr enter.. but nvm heard got 2nd chance !.. try harder victor!! jia you!!... alright slp le.. nites!! bb spco!!

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